Why Have Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) Videos?


FAQ videos build trust by quickly helping your prospects get the answers they are looking for.  Consider this…


Do you get the same series of 10 to 20 questions from most prospects? 


Of course, you do.


The prospects are trying to figure out if you can help them solve their problem. And they want to know if you are the real deal or not. 


FAQ videos help you educate your prospects. You offer value for free and ask for nothing in return. As prospects watch your videos, you build trust and establish yourself as an authority.


This reduces call reluctance and enhances buyer confidence. 


Make sense?


Benefits of FAQ videos:

  • It creates a pressure-free relationship because you give prospects answers to their questions before they ever call you.
  • Educates prospects by answering the questions they should be asking you but don’t know enough to do so.
  • Allows you to head off common objections through education before they even arise.

FAQ videos build trust and establish you as an authority.


FAQ videos will give you a competitive edge over your competition because you are developing a relationship and building trust with your prospects before they talk to you for the first time.


Hosting Your Videos


Once you have a collection of videos, you can host them (where you keep them) on your YouTube Channel for FREE!


You will also want to put them on ALL your social media platforms.


As people watch these videos on your website, you will enhance your SEO because people stay on your site longer.


The new age of social media.


In the social media age, customers care more about brand authenticity than ever.  One study showed that 90% of customers list authenticity as a major factor in the brands they support. 


It has also been proven that “real, transparent, and authentic” converts prospects into buyers better than “slick and polished.”


Creating FAQ videos puts the human side of your business front and center. They make you more approachable because they:

    1. Builds Trust
    2. Position you as the authority
Combine these with Customer Testimonial videos, and you will develop a “Trust Ecosystem” for your authentic brand.

Remember the old saying…
“People do business with people they know, like, and trust.”


FAQ Video Examples from Real Clients

Financial Advisor - John Underhill

Periodontist - Macon Singletary

HVAC - Derek Boschert

Attorney - Todd Wilson

Water Treatment - Kevin Letchworth

Mortgage Lender - Ken Updegrave

Beyond FAQs

Mike's Untold HVAC Stories, Going Behind the Curtain

Pump Installer - Phillip Benfield, The Installation Process

If you have questions, you can watch these FAQ videos, or click the blue button below to schedule a time to get your answers.