Want to grab attention and grow your brand?

When Your Social Audiences See Your Videos, They’ll Comment, Share & Subscribe.

Building your social media presence is easy when you have an army of raving fans sharing your videos with anyone who’ll listen.

Whatever You Want To Do…Video Animations Lets You Do It Easier, Faster, And Better.

You need an animation because you can:
✅ Boost Engagement
✅ Look Professional
✅ Brand Awareness
✅ Get More Likes!

It’s time to think like a marketer

  • Give pre-existing videos a new lease of life (and a boost to conversions) with a single animation.
  • Dominate your niche, crush the newsfeed, and leave viewers amazed with mind-blowing 3D live-action animations
  • Have customized animations, logos, even entire videos to match your brand
  • Build a list, a subscriber base, a fandom, heck… build your own online community

Let’s look at different types of animations

Studio-Grade Intros & Logo Stings

These logo stings eat other logo stings for breakfast.

If they look like high-touch, professional, studio-quality animations it’s because they ARE.

Stunning Social Actions

If you’re not being social, you’re being left behind. These social media animations bring in the likes, follows, shares, and retweets that say ‘this guy is worth talking about’.

Combine these with our new square and vertical templates, and exclusive floating social actions (see below) and you’ll have more social engagement than an anti-vaxxing-vegan-crossfit-hipster-monkey-riding a pig backwards #truefact.

Floating Social Animations

Have iPhone, Skype, and social network messages show up directly on the screen. Companies have spent millions training us to pay attention to these… and now you can profit from their hard work.

Our transparency technology lets you overlay an animation at ANY point in your video… so you can laser-focus attention at EXACTLY the right moment.

Seamless Transitions

The only person that can get away with ‘Scrappy’ is Scrappy-Doo. When it comes to your scene cuts, it’s a case of Scrappy-Don’t.

You want transitions so buttery-smooth they raise your viewer’s cholesterol levels while removing their wallets from the pockets.

Compelling Outros, CTAs & End Cards.

Our outros are designed and approved by pro-marketers to close sales, inspire action, and cement your marketing message so deep inside your prospect’s brain they’ll wake up in a cold sweat desperate to click your buy buttons.

  • Want an outro that doesn’t just look pretty but closes sales, inspires shares and converts traffic into leads? Done.
  • Want to have your buy button or call to action message appear while your video is still playing in the background? Done.
  • Want to make sure YOUR YouTube video is the last video your viewers watch, remember, share, and take action on? Done.

Professional Lower Thirds

Lower thirds can be used on any video to gain instant authority while carrying your viewer through your videos with critical information. If that all sounds a bit dull, that’s only because you’ve never seen a Viddyoze lower third.

Movie Filters

Lens flares, light effects, film grain, blockbuster-style grading, and more, let you turn your video into something Spielberg would be proud of. Stick it on YouTube and wait for Marvel to come calling.

With the huge range of effects, your videos will have the high-production-value shine that gives you star quality.

ALPHA Technology

Transparency technology takes ALL your animations to the next level. No other tool can do this. This is why you’ll blow your competition off the map.

But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look for yourself.

Animation Packages


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