“Customer Video Testimonials are proven to convert prospects into paying customers and more profits for you.”


You could have the best salespeople in the world working for you, but nothing they say will ever hold a candle to your real customers sharing their stories about you, your products, or services.

84% of B2B decision-makers start the buying process with a referral, according to Heinz Marketing.

Smart marketers know that by investing money into customer testimonial videos, they are bridge the gap between you and your customers.

While text testimonials are okay, they are nowhere near as authentic as a ‘real person’ testifying for your credibility and quality of your products or services.

Image IF…You Had Raving Fans Like This…

(examples of great customer testimonial videos)



When a person shares their real-life, authentic story about what it was like working with or buying from you.

A raving fan is the BEST referral you could get.



  • Include links to video testimonials in your proposals and invoices.
  • Add links to video testimonials to your email signature.
  • Make a video testimonial the focus of your website homepage.
  • Create a separate webpage with an ongoing list of video testimonials.
  • Post video testimonials to your social media accounts.
  • Send out links to video testimonials in your newsletters.


Customer testimonial video production can be complicated, but there’s no doubt that they can bring awareness to your message, product, or campaign.

Several criteria can determine the cost to film a customer video testimonial, including video length, type of gear used, days of filming, and more.   At the end of the day, the cost is ultimately determined by you.

The average cost of an agency produced customer testimonial could range between $3,500 to $15,000; it all depends on a series of variables.

This is the premier remote video capturing platform for customer video testimonials.

Now You Can Tell Your Story with Customer Videos, real people sharing real experiences.


With our Video Carousel Player, your customers can brag on you all day long, which never gets old!

Collect the stories of your customers in seconds!
Personalize your business with video testimonials. Remote Capturing
Let your customers capture their experiences via video from anywhere in the world, with any device. No App download nor login required. Customizable Video Requests
Provide Instructions
Give your customers simple directions. Please provide them with details and instructions for their video.

  • Personalized
  • Branded
  • Customizable

One-click to record across any device. Anywhere in the world. No app download nor login required. Customize your terms
Set the privacy policy and terms of conditions specific to your needs. And request a signature if required. You can also ask for additional user information, including text or photos. Customize your Thank you
Set the thank you message and call to action to guide your customers to the next steps. These can include automated incentives, discount codes, etc.

With a single line of javascript code, you can add a carousel of videos to your website. This keeps it simple and hassle-free for you.

Every video will be downloadable so you can use it where ever you want.

TeamWOW’s Video Testimonial System removes the frustration and expense of collecting customer testimonial videos.

5 customer testimonial videos, $997, includes a $250 setup fee.
10 customer testimonial videos, $1,497, includes a $250 setup fee.
20 customer testimonial videos, $2,497, includes a $250 setup fee.


How Many Do You Want?

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Information needed for Setup includes:

  • Your photo
  • Your logo
  • Preferred banner color
  • Your name and title
  • A personal message of what you are asking and why (example provided)
  • Optional request to share on Facebook
  • Optional link to your Thank You page

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