What Are Doodle Videos?

A doodle video is similar to how a teacher might draw on a chalkboard or whiteboard. Typically, you will see a hand with a pen, pencil, chalk writing, and drawing, which immediately captures attention.

Here’s a great example from a Home Inspection company.


With whiteboard animations, connect with people. For example, many marketers use doodle videos to ‘stop the scroll’ on Facebook, YouTube, and websites.

Doodle videos are also great for educating prospects and for brand awareness.

Since most videos are watched on intelligent devices and ‘without sound’ doodle video can convey the message in a short, captivating way.

People love watching as a hand draws as the cartoon unfolds and the viewer absorbs more of the information you want to get across.

Doodle videos are one of the most compelling and memorable ways to get your marketing message across.

Currently, over 81% of businesses use videos to augment their marketing strategy. If you are not using videos in your marketing, you are leaving money on the table.

What Makes a Great Doodle Video?

1. Write a script or a storyboard
2. Select key images
3. Animate the Images and text
4. Be sure to include a clear call to action
5. Add voiceover audio and or add music

Doodle videos are proven to convert prospects into buyers,  for brand awareness, and for teaching. The only limit is your imagination!

If you are interested in learning more or have questions about doddle videos, you can schedule a time to talk with me here.

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