Boost Your Sales, Build More Trust

“Discover the Proven System for Established B2C Businesses to
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ROI Driven Strategies

In the cutthroat business world, small to medium-sized businesses must play smart, not just hard.

For the veterans, it’s about more than just business as usual; reactivating old clients and mastering the art of cross-selling and up-selling are your lifelines.

And for the newbies, toss out the old playbook. Client testimonial videos and FAQ videos are your ace in the hole. They build trust and credibility faster than any slick sales pitch. Remember, in a marketplace drowning in options, trust isn’t just valuable; it’s everything.

Whether you’re an old hand or just starting out, forget playing it safe. Be bold, be different, and most importantly, be strategic. That’s how you don’t just survive; you thrive.

Achieve an astounding 98% open rate to your marketing messages

The Appointment Accelerator system gives you a simple and effective way to offer consistent value to your potential customers and to serve them throughout their entire buying  journey.  Lead nurturing ensures that they are not only a one time buyer, but a loyal customer and referral doorway for life.


Sales Acceleration

Let’s face it. All you, as a business owner, want are more sales opportunities.

We all know it’s cheaper to market to existing clients than to find new ones. But, sadly, most people don’t do it.

If you’re an established business, odds are you have many inactive clients. What if you could quickly reconnect and reactivate them?  What if you could rocket your client’s Lifetime Value with compelling cross-selling and upselling opportunities?

Do you think that would create more sales opportunities?

The Appointment Accelerator system is designed to create a direct path to increased revenue. It’s the best ROI on your marketing dollars.

Fast & Easy

You provide a list of names and phone numbers, we send a personalized text offer with urgency to create new sales opportunities for you.

We Nurture, You Close

We follow up and nurture clients until they say ‘yes’ to your offer and book a new sales opportunity for you to close.

This system is proven—countless hours in product development with over 30,000 appointments scheduled.

Did you know that implementing nurture campaigns have proven to increase bookings by 70% and showings by 50%?

"Trust Creates The Transaction"

Testimonial videos

Real, raw, and authentic marketing beats, slick and polished in today’s overhyped marketing world.

Testimonial videos from real people sharing real stories about their experiences with you create a sense of credibility that can’t be manufactured.

Would you agree that the best salesperson you could ever have is a raving fan client?

FAQ videos

Buyers today have trust issues because they have been burnt before.

FAQ videos give your ideal prospects the answers to their burning questions, and enhance your know, like, and trust.

How would you like to position yourself as the authority in your niche?

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