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Customer Testimonial Videos Convert Prospects Into Paying Customers

Image IF You Had Raving Fans Like This…

Let’s face it, buyers today have trust issues.

The best way to build trust online is to have real customers, clients, or patients bragging about you and recommending you.

The best salespeople in the world will never hold a candle to “real customers sharing their real stories” about you and your products or services.

Savvy marketers know testimonial videos bridge the trust gap with their customers.

Customer testimonial videos are ‘evergreen marketing,’ which means ten years from now, these videos will still be helping you convert prospects into customers.


What makes a great testimonial video?

The best testimonials are the believable ones. It’s when a “real customer” shares their experience working with you and why they would recommend you.

A raving fan is your BEST salesperson.


How to maximize Customer Testimonial videos

  • Make video testimonials the focus of your website homepage.
  • Post video testimonials to ALL your social media accounts.
  • Include links to video testimonials in your proposals and invoices.
  • Add links to video testimonials to your email signature.
  • Send out links to video testimonials in your newsletters.


How much typically do agency customer testimonial videos cost?

Customer testimonial video production can be complicated, but there’s no doubt that they can bring awareness to your message, product, and services.

Several criteria can determine the cost to film a customer testimonial, including video length, type of gear used, days of filming, and more.

The average cost of an agency-produced customer testimonial could range between $600 to $10,000; it all depends on a series of variables.

There’s a better solution.


Imagine being able to collect customer testimonial videos with just 2-Clicks!

With our service, all you do is send your customer a link via text, email, or messenger, and they record their story (from any device).

No login-in or app download is required.

Having your customers brag about you is the BEST social proof!

Your prospects love watching other people’s stories because they can see, hear and feel how you partnered with them to solve their problems. The prospect will realize you are the real deal and you can help them.

Trust is what makes the transaction possible.

Integrating these videos into your website is simple and hassle-free. All you do is add two lines of code to add a carousel of videos.

TeamWOW’s Customer Video Testimonial System removes the frustration and expense of collecting customer testimonial videos.


Let’s Make it Real.

Below you’ll find a few of TeamWOW Media’s clients who use this service. Below their video is a link to their clients bragging about them.

Dr. Ben Spitzenberger, Chiropractor

Jen Riley, Owner, Doyenne Home Inspection

Kraig Webb, Owner, Webb Pest Services

How Many Customers Do You Want to Bragging About YOU?

Customer Testimonial Video Packages

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5 Client Testimonial Videos: $997
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5 customer testimonial videos are $997, (includes a $250 setup fee for free).
10 customer testimonial videos are $1,497, (includes a $250 setup fee for free).
25 customer testimonial videos are $2,497, (includes a $250 setup fee for free).

Note: all credit card transactions have a 3% convenience. You can save the 3% by sending me a check or using Venmo. Email info@TeamWOWmedia.com for details.

Once payment is received, you will get a custom-branded website that you can easily share with your raving fan clients.

Click here to see a live example, FreshCoat Painters testimonial video request page.

Added Bonus!

If you have written reviews from sites like Google, Facebook, or Yelp, you’ll get them converted into Gifs and Video animations for FREE!

Purchase 5. 10 or 25 testimonial videos and you’ll get that many written testimonials converted into Gifs and Video animations.  This will TRIPLE the buzz and social proof for your business!