Hi! I’m Terry Petrovick. I’ve been a small business owner for well over 26 years. My background is in software. I have a computer science degree from NC State University.  I started with IBM my senior year in college but after sixteen years in that space, I found myself winning the rat race but living like a rat. I had the money but no quality of life. I got smart and quit that career to spend more time with my family.

Since our kids (Matt and Christina) were 8 and 10, they have had two full-time stay-at-home parents.

They are now 37 and 39 and are amazing adults because we spent so much time with them.

Our son, Matt, and Valentina (the reason we moved to Texas)
Amy and Christina trying to get the wiggle worm to pose …lol

My wife and hero, Amy, and I have been together for 40 incredible years. She’s the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I love playing with our grandchildren and making them cool stuff. The Loki scepter was a challenge, the horns were much easier.  Our oldest Bash loves superheroes. 

Loki Scepter and Horns
Mandalorian Helmet
Ace love playing outside

My entrepreneurial journey has put me on the path of becoming a better version of myself.  Personal development, leadership development, and helping others create a better quality are things that I love.

I’ve built several online businesses. As a result, I have millions of views on YouTube, developed several websites and Facebook pages and groups.

My belief is no one likes to be sold but everyone likes to buy.

I help business owners develop their trust ecosystem to get more customers and make more sales.

I’ve come to LOVE video because I think it is the best way to connect with people. It builds trust with prospects and clients; plus, it helps build your credibility and influence. All of these are key to shortening your sales cycles and enhancing your conversions.

I love interviewing people and learning from different people’s experiences and perspectives.

If you need support or direction in your business or in life, let’s chat. Please schedule a 1 to 1 using the button below.

If you ever feel stuck or need to be inspired, watch a few of the interviews I did for the virtual summit: Prosperity and the Mentors